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New VA TV Ad Hits the Air

As a veteran's advocate, one of the most disturbing and common phrases I have heard from is "I didn't know..."  TheVA has taken several steps over the last year to reach out and pull veterans in and get them to enrolled in the programs and services they desperately need. The launch of social networking sites and outreach through new media were the first signs of the VA's commitment. The latest effort by the VA was launched this week with their first series of paid advertising for thier National Veterans Awareness Campaign – “What Lies Ahead.” The Ad is set to broadcast in six targeted markets throughout the country (Norfolk; Raleigh; Savannah; Seattle; Watertown, New York; and El Paso, Texas). 

According to the VA these areas were chosen based on the large numbers of OEF, OIF and OND (Operation New Dawn)Veterans returning there.   The star of the video is an OIF Marine Veteran who moved to Los Angeles recently to pursue his acting career. 


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