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Senate Leaves Military Pay Hanging


Each fall our attention turns to D.C. as we wait to hear what next year's Military pay raise will be. This year there are at least two proposals on the table, one from the House and another from the White House. Unlike past raises, this year's proposals are quite small.

The White House is requesting a 1.4 percent across-the-board increase , while the House of Representatives is leaning toward a 1.9 percent increase. Both proposals are well below last year's and reflect several issues driving many of the decisions made in D.C. this year; low inflation and  high deficits, in addition to renewed a call to reevaluate the way we address military compensation.

Unfortunately, due to the last minute political gamesmanship in the Senate, we will have to wait until November - or later - to know what the 2011 pay charts will look like.

Let's hope they can stop playing games and pass the NDAA 2011 when the return in November.

Click here to view the current 2011 proposed pay charts.

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