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The DoD and VA recently announced their new eBenefits website. eBenefits enables servicemembers and Vets to directly access their personal benefit information safely and securely—as well as download a DD–214, check claims status, and more.

The content is delivered in a list which can be a bit difficult to navigate initially, but the ability to get a copy of your DD-214 and more easily apply for benefits online is a huge step in the right direction.

Editor's Note: Many veterans are likely to find the not-so-intuitive registration process to be time consuming, confusing and a bit difficult to navigate. Those who do not have a CAC card or MyPay account (Retirees, Veterans, and Coast Guardsman) will have to wait for "snail mail" (the USPS) to deliver their one-time activation code or visit a local VA or RAPIDS (DEERS) office for assistance.

When I completed "Step Two" of the registration process I received the following message: 

"You Must Apply for a Level 2 Account"  "The beneficiary has a DS Logon request with a higher NIST level."

I am not sure what that means, but we'll see if I get an activation code in the mail.

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