Transitional Healthcare for You & Your Family


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Many servicemembers are caught by surprise when they realize the actual cost of providing health care insurance for themselves and their families. Before you leave military service, you need to arrange for health insurance to protect you and your family. This section will help you learn about your options and plan for your health care insurance needs.

Most people leaving the military get civilian jobs that provide health care insurance. The result is continuous coverage.

Sometimes, however, there is a gap between the time your service-provided coverage ends and your new employer's coverage begins. During this time, you alone are responsible for paying all the medical bills that you and your family might acquire. This could be devastating. A one-day stay in the hospital could cost thousands of dollars!

Fortunately, several resources are available to ensure continuous, comprehensive, quality health care for you and your family. Your options will be explained to you during your appointment at your Transition Office. For specific health insurance questions, call the Health Benefits Advisor at your military medical treatment facility.

Two options to help fill the healthcare gap for separating servicemembers are Transitional Assistance Management Program and Continued Health Care Benefit Program.

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