The Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist For Reservists

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The DD2648-1 form is a Pre-Separation Checklist that you complete prior to attending Transition Assistance Program (TAP) briefings. With this form you let the transition team know which sessions you or your spouse would like to attend.

As a separating servicemember, after receiving Pre-Separation Counseling information and completing this checklist, you and your spouse/ family member/legal guardian/designee (if applicable) are entitled to receive assistance in developing an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) based on the areas of interest you have identified on this checklist. The Pre-Separation Checklist addresses a variety of transition services and benefits to which you may be entitled. Each individual is strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to develop an ITP. The purpose of the ITP is to identify educational, training, and employment objectives and to develop a plan to help you achieve these objectives. It is the Military Department's responsibility to offer Service members the opportunity and assistance they need to develop an ITP. It is the Service member's responsibility to develop an ITP based on his/her specific objectives and the objectives of his or her spouse, if appropriate.

You will be given the actual form during your transition program.


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