Relocation Assistance Program


Planning your final move is a critical part of your transition from the military. The information, resources and counseling provided by the Relocation Assistance Program are designed to help you navigate the process and make the relocation part of your transition as painless as possible.

Your upcoming relocation is very different from any of your previous military moves; it is your final move out of military life, which means added stress and decisions that could impact your life for years to come. Thankfully there are Relocation Assistance Program specialists to make sure you're fully prepared for this unique transition.

RAP services include:

  • Needs assessment and planning for individuals and families tailored to their personal circumstances and requirements.
  • Extensive automated information on military and civilian communities worldwide can be obtained through the Military Installations and Plan My Move features of MilitaryOneSource ( These features provide research and information, housing directories and services, employment, education, health and wellness, and family issues available near military installations.
  • Help in developing a relocation plan - providing information specifically related to your unique situation, linking you with special programs, and referring you to other offices that can provide assistance.
  • Workshops and individual sessions on managing relocation stress for all family members, planning a moving budget, how to buy, sell, and rent smart, settling into a new community, and a variety of other programs tailored to adults and children.
  • Special re-entry services and programs if transitioning from an overseas installation.

A visit to your RAP specialist will help you identify exactly what you need so that you can ask the right questions as you navigate through the rest of the relocation process. Visit the Relocation Assistance Program office at your Family Center. RAP staff will make you a smart consumer. They will tell you the questions you need to ask so you can get the most out of your move.

The term "Family Centers" is used here to refer to the following Service-specific entities:

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