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You may be eligible for additional separation pay. The Finance Office at your demobilization/deactivation installation can compute the actual amount, if any, owed you. You may be eligible for Separation Pay:

IF you have finished your first term of enlistment or period of obligated service AND You have at least six years of service AND You are separating involuntarily AND You are not yet eligible for retirement AND You are not separating under adverse conditions THEN You may be eligible for separation pay. 

Separation pay must be listed on the separation orders to be payable. The type of separation and conditions under which you are being separated will determine if you qualify for separation pay. To find out if you qualify, talk with your unit commander and local personnel and finance office.

If you do get separation pay and then file for VA disability benefits, you must repay all your separation pay before you receive any disabilty compensation from the VA.

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