Remington, Mossberg Unveil Standout Shotguns at SHOT 2019

  • Remington’s new 870 Tactical Side-Folder. ( Cox)
    Remington’s new 870 Tactical Side-Folder. ( Cox)
  • Mossberg’s 590 Nightstick shotgun. ( Cox)
    Mossberg’s 590 Nightstick shotgun. ( Cox)

LAS VEGAS -- There are so many home-defense shotguns on display at SHOT Show that it's hard to find memorable models. But this year, Remington and Mossberg unveiled scatterguns worth mentioning.

Remington Outdoor Company unveiled its new 870 Tactical Side-Folder -- in 12- and 20-gauge versions -- that's designed for shooting comfort, Daniel Cox, senior product manager for shotguns for Remington, told

"Most folding stocks on shotguns are terrible. They are really uncomfortable to shoot ... they fold, and that's about it," he said. "On this one ... the whole focus was on ergonomics. It's got the same shoulder mount as our sporting stocks so it's up. So other than the pistol grip, the comb height, everything is designed to be shootable."

The polymer stock features three, removable foam cheek rest sizes.

"The low one gives you a cheek-weld for a bead sight, and there is one that's 3/8ths [of an inch] tall to run rifle sights and one that's 5/8s tall for an optic if you want," Cox said, adding that it comes drilled and tapped for an accessory rail in both the 12-gauge and 20-gauge versions.

The side-folder also has a shorter, 13.5-inch length of pull for using with heavier clothing and body armor.

The folding stock features a secure locking mechanism when extended and stays folded with tension only, so it can be quickly extended.

"We are trying to combine ergonomics in use with ergonomics with folding -- get it folded up, get it more compact, make it more transportable," Cox said.

There is also a new forend design.

"The forend is something we designed; it's got multiple textures on here based on gripping surfaces," Cox said.

There are two M-LOK slots cut into either side of the front of the forend for attaching weapon lights.

"They are both up and forward. It's where you want them for attachments, otherwise they start smashing into your hand on the recoil," Cox said. "And being cantilevered up and forward, also what it does is it minimizes the shadowing from the muzzle in the light."

The forend also features a positive hand-stop molded in on both sides, as well as cross-slots for attaching an optional hand strap.

"It's a nice, solid home defense gun if you got limited space or you want to be able to pack it away a little smaller," Cox said.

The 870 Tactical Side-Folder will be available in March and will retail for about $560.

Mossberg returned to its roots with a classic version of the ultra-compact 590 Nightstick 12-gauge pump shotgun.

The gunmaker came out with the Nightstick last year, but the retro model with wood furniture is new for 2019, said Joe Zakher, of O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc.

The simple but beautiful shotgun features a traditional saw-off style, Walnut grip and pump forend, as well as a brown leather forend strap for Mossberg's 100th anniversary.

"They are bringing back the Mossberg traditions of the corncob wood [forend] and going back to what we call the HR riding gun they used to make, the police gun, and it really turned a lot of heads with the leather strap to give it that overall feel the Mossberg's traditions are coming back, they don't forget their roots," Zakher said.

The Nightstick has a 12-gauge, five-shot tubular magazine for 2.75 shells plus one in the chamber, but it can take 3-inch magnum shells as well. It has a 14.375-inch mid-wall heavy barrel, so it reduces that recoil a lot better to give it more balance, Zakher said.

The Nightstick is available now and retails for $539.

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