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AMMO Inc. Completes Testing of New Tracer-Style Bullets

AMMO Inc.’s Night OPS, a new line of self-defense ammo. (AMMO Inc.)
AMMO Inc.’s Night OPS, a new line of self-defense ammo. (AMMO Inc.)

AMMO, Inc. has a new line of self-defense ammo that allows shooters to track their shots at night as if they were using military tracer rounds.

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company has completed research and development of the Night OPS line of ammunition and will begin production and distribution in late spring, according to a recent press release.

"The labs at AMMO, Inc. set out to create the ultimate round for law enforcement, military training, and self-defense use," the press release states, describing how it blends the STREAK Visual Ammunition and OPS lines of ammo.

"Night OPS is the revolutionary combination of AMMO, Inc's two most notable technologies: non-incendiary visual ammunition and frangible hollow points."

Night OPS's tungsten-copper-composite frangible projectiles dump 100 percent of their energy in the target, minimizing the risk of pass-through and collateral damage, the release states. The frangible projectile practically vaporizes on impact with steel targets, eliminating spall and ricochet.

Hyper-Clean technology fouls less, decreases malfunctions and cleaning time, and increases training time, according the release.

"With Night OPS, defenders and law enforcement can track their shots and adjust fire quickly," Ammo, Inc. officials said in the release.

"Night OPS enhances training for individuals and agencies alike. The visual aid generates no heat, and frangibility increases safety when shooting steel targets at handgun distances -- the perfect choice for military and law-enforcement indoor and close-contact training."

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