Ruger Releases Pistol Caliber 'PC Carbine'

  • Ruger pistol caliber PC Carbine (Ruger photo)
    Ruger pistol caliber PC Carbine (Ruger photo)
  • Ruger Security 9 pistol (Ruger photo)
    Ruger Security 9 pistol (Ruger photo)
  • Ruger lightweight compact pistol LCP II (Ruger photo)
    Ruger lightweight compact pistol LCP II (Ruger photo)

Don't let the name fool you: This is not a rifle for your personal computer.

Gun-maker Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. on Thursday announced the release of a new product called the pistol caliber PC Carbine chambered in 9mm Luger.

The carbine is designed for any level of shooter, from novice to experienced, and for any number of uses, from plinking to competition to home or personal defense, according to a company press release.

Similar to the 10/22 Takedown rifle, the PC Carbine is designed for quick separation of the barrel and forend assembly, and accepts common Ruger and Glock magazines, according to the release.

"Our customers have long been requesting the return of a Ruger pistol caliber carbine and we are excited to bring this versatile design to market," Chris Killoy, Ruger's president and chief executive officer, said in the release.

"Designed with shooting enthusiasts in mind, the PC Carbine's interchangeable magazine well system allows customers to use some of the most commonly available 9mm Luger handgun magazines in their rifle," he added.

The announcement comes less than a week after the company released the new Security-9 pistol, designed for everyday carry and self-defense, and also chambered in 9mm Luger and featuring a 15-round, double-stack magazine.

"It is small and light enough to be easily concealed and comfortably carried, yet has twice the capacity of slimmer 9mm Luger pistols," according to a separate release on the hammer-fired pistol.

Like other gun-makers, Ruger is hoping its new products set it apart from the competition in a year that has seen demand for firearms flatten in a more politically friendly environment.

Ruger's lightweight compact pistol LCP was the most popular handgun of 2017, according to an article on financial website The Motley Fool, and the company has acknowledged robust sales of the product, among others.

"Sales of new products, including the Mark IV pistols, the LCP II pistol, and the Precision Rifle, represented $118.8 million or 30% of firearm sales in the first nine months of 2017," the company said in a release announcing third-quarter earnings.

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