Federal Premium Unveils New .224 Valkyrie

Federal Premium's new .224 Valkyrie round. Courtesy of Federal Premium
Federal Premium's new .224 Valkyrie round. Courtesy of Federal Premium

Federal Premium recently unveiled its new .224 Valkyrie, a high-performance cartridge designed to take the popular MSR 15 platform to "unheard of heights in long-range precision and ballistic performance," according to a Dec. 13 press release.

The .224 Valkyrie produces flat trajectories, match-grade accuracy and supersonic velocities beyond 1,300 yards downrange, according to the release.

"The .224 Valkyrie is based on a .30 Rem./6.8 SPC case necked down to .224 caliber," said Mike Holm, director of Federal Premium Centerfire Ammunition Global Product Lane. "It beats the ballistics of all other MSR 15 cartridges, including the .22 Nosler, .223 Rem. and 6.5 Grendel. Plus, it offers comparable performance to larger rounds like the 6.5 Creedmoor, with roughly half the felt recoil -- and at a more economical price."

Shooters can review the technical specifications for the new round once it is approved by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, known as SAAMI, which is expected in January at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, according to the release.

At that time, Federal Premium plans to release more information such as chamber specifications and cartridge pressure standards, proof pressure range and barrel length/twist recommendations, according to the release. Cartridge and chamber drawings will also be available soon after SAAMI approves the cartridge for standardization.

Testing conducted by Federal Premium engineers using 24-inch test barrels with a 1:7 twist revealed the .224 Valkyrie offers up to 128 inches less drop and 69 inches less wind drift -- with a 10 mph crosswind -- at 1,000 yards than other MSR 15 rounds, the release states. The new cartridge also offers significant advantages in velocity and energy.

The .224 Valkyrie will initially be available in four loads: a 90-grain Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing, a 60-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint, a 90-grain Fusion MSR, and a 75-grain American Eagle TMJ. These proven Federal Premium bullet offerings provide options for long-range competitors, target shooters and hunters pursuing game from varmints up to deer-sized animals, according to the release.

Federal Premium engineers designed the .224 Valkyrie for gas-driven MSR 15 actions, but it's also extremely effective from bolt guns, the release states.

"The easiest way for shooters to capitalize on the new cartridge is to purchase a firearm from one of the many gun makers jumping on the .224 Valkyrie bandwagon," Holm said. "You can also buy a new upper and use it with your existing lower. A gunsmith or other person trained in building MSRs can also make the necessary modifications."

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