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Meprolight Unveils New Reflex Sight with Green Laser

Meprolight LTD. has a new version of its MEPRO MOR Reflex Sight. Photo: Meprolight
Meprolight LTD. has a new version of its MEPRO MOR Reflex Sight. Photo: Meprolight

Meprolight LTD., recently launched a new version of the MEPRO MOR Reflex Sight with a green laser pointer.

The company will offer the MEPRO MOR in three configurations: IR and green pointers IR and red pointers, and red and green pointers, according to a recent press release.

“We launched the new product, as a result of market research and feedback from tactical teams and Special Forces both in Israel and overseas,” according to Benny Kokia, VP Marketing and Sales. “We learned that many users would find a green pointer useful since, according to them, it is more clearly visible during day and night activities and in certain tactical scenarios.

“We developed the green pointer configuration – to enable both our existing as well as new customers to choose the configuration that works best for them.”

Photo: Meprolight

The MEPRO MOR is a compact, rugged, multi-purpose, multi-activated red dot reflex sight with integrated laser pointers. Designed for quick, instinctive, accurate shooting, it has a 30mm diameter lens, ensuring rapid target acquisition with either one or both eyes open and quick transition between long-range and close-quarter encounters.

Its large field of view enables effective operation in all weather, temperature, and light conditions. The passive self-illuminated system provides integrated day/night operation, LED for extra bright modes, two laser pointers – visible (Red or Green) and IR, and multiple mounting options.

The lasers are operated by PTL in two modes – momentary and continuous. Meprolight has not released a price yet, the sight is suited for use with 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm caliber light weapons and light machine guns.

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