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GD Unveils new .50 Caliber Training Ammunition


General Dynamics maintains that its new short-range .50 caliber ammunition will give troops a lot more opportunities to safely train with the Ma Deuce heavy machine gun.

The new .50 Caliber round is the latest in GD’s Short Range Training Ammunition line, Ruben Regalado of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, said at Modern Day Marine 2017.

It can be used on an unmodified weapon and has a maximum range of less than 700 meters, compared to that standard .50 caliber round’s maximum range of about 8,000 meters, Regalado said.

The effective range on the .50 caliber SRTA round is 200 meters.

The reduced range will allow units to take their .50 caliber machine guns to a larger variety of ranges to work on tactics, techniques and procedures as well as engaging short-range targets in an urban environment, Ragalado said.

The bullet itself is made of a mix of copper and polymer that reduces wear and tear on range complexes, Regalado said.

“It’s a short range round of a frangible composition … it turns to powder” when it hits steel or other hard targets,” he said.

GD also produces 5.56mm and 7.62mm SRTA, which has been in the big Army system for about five years, Regalado said. Both the Army and Special Operations Command have expressed interest in testing the new .50 caliber version, he said.

“The development is done; now we are just seeing where it is going to fit,” Regalado said.

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