Sig Sauer Releases Instructions for Voluntary P320 Upgrades


Gun-maker Sig Sauer has released details about the Voluntary Upgrade Program for the P320 handgun.

The company last week announced the effort for the popular product -- a version of which the U.S. Army recently adopted as its new service pistol -- to better protect users from unintentional discharges.

A Connecticut police officer filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Sig for injuries he suffered when his department-issued P320 accidentally discharged and wounded him in the leg after he dropped it.

This company this week released additional details about the free upgrade program at The details were previously reported by Rob Curtis at Recoil.

The effort will involve upgrading the pistol with "an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while additionally adding a mechanical disconnector," the site states. "Once SIG SAUER receives your P320 pistol, they will apply the upgrades, test it, and then return it to you free of charge."

While Sig underscored the weapon is safe, in the Q&A portion of the site it also acknowledged that in rare circumstances, "we have confirmed that usually after multiple drops, at certain angles and conditions, a potential discharge of the firearm may result."

It also repeated that the Army's Modular Handgun System (MHS) is a different variant of the P320 platform and isn't affected by the issue.

To upgrade your P320, Sig asks customers to follow three steps:

  1. Have your P320 serial number and home address available.
  2. Fill out the Voluntary Upgrade Sign-Up Form -- one serial number per form submission.
  3. SIG SAUER will contact you regarding the best method for you to get your P320 pistol to them.


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