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Ridgeline Outfitters Scoped Carbine Course

Instructors totaling over five decades of "Sniper and Special Operations" experience will be on hand next month in Echo Valley, West Virginia, for the Ridgeline Outfitters open enrollment Scoped Carbine Course.

Scheduled for Sept. 16-17, the course is described as one that will "...teach the shooter how to seamlessly transition from close range engagements to longer-range precision fires — with targets ranging from 0-300m and out."

According to Ridgeline, each student attending a Ridgeline Scoped Carbine course will walk away with an understanding of rifle setup, fitting and maintenance and angular units of measure.  Throughout the course, shooters will become proficient in the implementation of range estimation, wind reading and alternate positions using both environmental and artificial supports – all components in maximizing the capabilities of the platform.

Ridgeline President Alex Hartmann advises, “Most Scoped Carbine or SPR courses, even the ones in the Military, aren’t much more than watered down precision rifle courses. Students are going to leave this class with appreciation of the capability in the system.”

As they tell it, Ridgeline is solving the common shooter’s problem that they never get to push their AR to distance. The cost to participate in the Ridgeline Scoped Carbine Course is $350. Further information for the course can be found at

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