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Daniel Defense Unveils Its 3-D Printed Suppressor


Daniel Defense is showing off its new DD Wave, a one-piece suppressor created in a 3-D printer for increased strength and durability.

The DD WAVE is a unique one-piece, 3-D printed Inconel baffle/tube that “eliminates the need for welds—typically the weakest points of a traditional suppressor—providing unmatched strength and durability,” according to a Daniel Defense officials.

“Chosen for its ability to generate very unique designs, the laser sintering approach to 3D printing that is used primarily to create parts for space rockets was applied to the unique, one-piece baffle design of the DD WAVE.”

The new suppressor features an advanced cascading baffle geometry that more effectively attenuates sound than simpler baffle styles, Daniel Defense maintains.

An Acme Thread Quick-Clamping System won’t carbon lock, and securely clamps the suppressor to a 17-4 PH stainless steel muzzle device, making it easy to remove even after extended use.

The new sound suppressor is constructed of Inconel, stainless steel, and titanium—and then Cerakote coated. The 7.62mm model is fiercely strong yet lightweight, making it durable and reliable enough for a variety of calibers from 5.56 to .300 Win Mag, according to Daniel Defense.

The DD Wave comes in two 7.62mm models – a direct-thread for $986 and a quick-detach for $1,157.


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