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This Marine Will Show You How to Zero a Rifle


Fresh from cooking bacon on an M4-style suppressor, U.S. Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian Wade is back in his latest small arms safety video -- this time to show viewers how to zero an AR15-style rifle.

Wade recorded the footage with Cpl. Clarence L. Wimberly earlier this month near Camp Lejeune, N.C., as part of the service's "Gunner Fact or Fiction" video series, designed to dispel common myths and misconceptions around weapon systems.

Coincidentally, Wade also recently spoke to's Hope Hodge Seck about how the service is gearing up to outfit an infantry squad with a slew of kit, from suppressors to polymer drum mags and special operations-issue hearing protection.

As Hodge Seck reported, "every Marine in the Über Squad will be equipped with an M27; a suppressor; and Ops-Core helmets used by U.S. Special Operations Command with built-in hearing protection systems that muffle noises loud enough to damage eardrums, while magnifying other sounds to maintain troops' situational awareness."

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Meantime, enjoy Wade's latest instructional video below:


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