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Nordic Components' New Pistol Caliber Carbine Now Available


Nordic Components first introduced its new modular, pistol caliber carbine at SHOT Show 2017 and now they are in stock nation-wide.

The revolutionary pistol caliber carbine, or PCC, allows shooters to use more than one style of magazine, according to a recent Nordic Components press release. It features a patented modular lower receiver, with a removable, interchangeable magwell.

Using the same lower, this rifle can be configured to run Glock or M&P magazines with additional magwells and calibers that are coming soon, according to the release.

Unlike many PCCs, the bolt locks back on an empty magazine. This interface matches the AR-15, giving shooters instant feedback that the rifle is empty and allowing for rapid reloading. This is critical in both armed encounters and competitions.

"Nordic looked at the marketplace, from police departments to competition shooters; many different types of pistols were represented. We wanted to make one PCC that would work for the majority of users and would allow them the flexibility to change magazine types as their pistol of choice changes,” said Shanon Birr, product development leader at Nordic Components.

These features are built upon the foundation of a professional-grade rifle.  The lower and upper are machined from solid 7075 billet aluminum.  The seamless design perfectly blends the lower, upper and handguard. The NC-3 handguard is free-floated and features M-LOK attachment points.

The NC pistol caliber carbine is currently available in three 9 MM configurations: a 16-inch rifle, an 8.5-inch SBR and an 8.5-inch pistol. Nordic Components is launching with Glock and M&P magwells. Additional magwells and calibers will be available in the future.


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