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TNW Firearms' Aero Survival Rifle Now Available in .22LR


TNW Firearms now offers the innovative, take-down Aero Survival Rifle chambered for the popular 22 Long Rifle.

“Regarded as one of the better survival cartridges because of its capability and firepower-to-weight ratio, the 22LR was a natural choice for the Aero Survival Rifle,” according to TNW Firearms press release.

The 22LR ASR joins the family of take-down, pistol-caliber Aero Survival Rifles available is in 9mm Luger, .357Sig, .40S&W, 45ACP and 10mm, all using Glock pattern magazines.

Like all of TNW’s ASRs, the 22LR ASR is a takedown firearm for the ultimate in portability, making it the perfect emergency survival carbine for outdoor enthusiasts, ranchers, pilots or anyone who needs a portable, rugged and reliable semi-automatic rimfire rifle, according to the release.

Similar in appearance and manual-of-arms as an AR pattern rifle, the ASR is an original design.  Portable, lightweight, easy to carry and rapid firing, this take-down carbine uses Remington 597 magazines.

Blowback operated for simplicity and reliability, the Aero Survival Rifle has both an upper and lower receiver machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.

The safety is a familiar cross-bolt push button safety easily manipulated by the trigger finger.  One 10-round magazine is included.  Like all Aero Survival Rifles, the new 22LR ASR also can be used with the new handguard adapter allowing it to use any free float style AR-15 handguard.

The removable barrel and easily convertible caliber changes allow the shooter to switch between similar cartridges with nothing more than the change of a barrel and bolt assembly.  The ASR 22LR conversion kit comes with a drop in bolt assembly, one 10rd magazine, a barrel, and complete trigger housing.

The ASR is available finished in hard coat anodized black, dark earth, OD green and two variegated finishes, Tiger Pink and Tiger Green.

This new 22LR Aero Survival Rifle is scheduled to be available this month. It retails for $799 and the 22LR conversion kit will retail for $369.95.

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