Air Force Testing Anti-Drone Shotgun Shells


The U.S. Air Force is testing SkyNet anti-drone shotgun shells as a potential defense for the growing unmanned aerial system threat.

The service purchased 600 12-gauge SkyNet Mi-5 shotgun shells from AMTEC Less Lethal Systems in January to evaluate for drone defense, according to

The Mi-5 shells are anti-drone rounds and contain a five-foot wide capture net. When fired, five tethered segments spin and extend to create the net which travels towards the targeted drone, wraps around the frame, and brings it down, according to

The only damage caused will be from the impact with the ground, which should offer a chance to inspect and collect evidence from the drone.

The types of drones these shells can target are classed as Category 1 & 2 by the Pentagon. They weigh up to 55 pounds and typically fly at heights of no more than 3,500 feet.

If the Air Force's experiment with these initial 600 shells is successful, there's an option to buy a further 6,400 rounds to allow for wider deployment.

They must be fired from a rifled choke barrel. You can buy them on the web in three packs for $20 each.

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