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Big Machine Gun Shooting Event Happening in June!


In just over two months, more than 40 machine guns will shake the grounds of The Shooter’s Gauntlet at the 2nd Annual Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot June 3-4 in Monroeton, Pennsylvania.

Machine gunners from across the Northeast will come together to share their love for machine guns. and Kitup definitely plan to be there.

Attendees will have the chance to shoot a lineup that includes:

--20mm Oerlikon

-- Browning M2

--Browning 1919

-- M60

- Lewis Gun

-- Thompson M1A

-- HK Model 51

-- AK47

-- AK74

“Our attendees are going to have a blast. The types of machine guns on the line and the experience of seeing these weapons in action, all in one weekend is unheard of anywhere else in the Northeast,” said Bob Raimo, owner of the Shooter’s Gauntlet.

“We can’t wait for attendees and exhibitors to get here in June, see all of the upgrades we’ve made to the facility, and have an incredible time.”

Tickets are on sale now at and start at $25 for a weekend pass.


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