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Bastinelli Creations' Tactical Scalpel


Bastinelli Creations makes a wicked little backup fixed blade designed after the scalpel. Looks like it would make a nasty scar.

“The Picoeur is a tactically designed backup fixed blade you can conceal almost anywhere on your person. It has a small scalpel-like blade paired with a thin handle and pinky ring for maximum control during CQC maneuvers,” according to

The Picoeur is 5.50 inches long and has a 1.625-inch cutting edge. It’s fashioned from N690Co Stainless Steel.

It comes with a Kydex sheath so “you can carry it around your neck or on the belt, but the knife includes a pocket attachment clip so that when you draw the knife, the sheath stays clipped where it should be,” according to

Bastinelli Creations takes functional tools and boils them down to simplistic, useful designs with a little bit of style, maintains. It’s known for their Dragotac folding knife with its versatile flat ground Wharncliffe style blade and oddly shaped, yet wildly ergonomic handle. Many of their designs utilize this blade shape but all feature exceptional ergonomics and top of the line materials.

The Picoeur is manufactured by Fox Knives in Italy, designed in collaboration with Doug Marcaida and Funker Tactical.

It retails for $120.

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