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FIME Group's VEPR AK Rifles Based on the Soviet RPK


FIME Group recently announced that its robust, RPK based VEPR AK47/AK74 rifle line is now available.

The Molot VEPR rifles were modeled after the RPK, the Soviet-era squad automatic weapon.

“In order to achieve their objective, the AKM rifle had to be reengineered with a more robust design,” according to a FIME Group press release. “Our customers can now get a fixed or folding stock in both calibers 5.45x39mm or 7.62x39mm.”

The RPK style 1.5mm stamped receiver, makes the receiver is 50 percent thicker than standard AKM and utilizes reinforced trunnions. The thicker receiver helps prevent flexing, fatigue, and jamming under extended fire, according to the press release.

The VEPR rifles feature heavy, cold hammer forged, chrome lined barrels. The cartridge chamber, gas cylinder, and bolt- support rod are also chrome lined. Due to the added thickness the groups take more rounds for them to open up from heat. You should see 1.5 inch to 2 inch groups at 100 yards depending on ammo and shooter skill set, according to the release.


These rifles also come with RPK sights that can be adjusted for windage without using a tool or messing with the front sight. The front sights feature a thinner front post, giving the shooter less target obscurity with the front sight, according to the release.


The stocks come in two options: a full length fixed polymer stock or a left side folding tubular stock. The fixed length Polymer stock allows you to store your cleaning kit. The tubular folding stock can fit the unit into a smaller form factor. The folding stock locks into place securely without rattling. All locking mechanisms are made of metal which prevents wear over time from heavy usage. The folding stock has a rubber recoil pad.

The folding stock versions retail for about $1,200. The fixed-stock versions retail for about $1,000.

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