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BADAXX Firefighting Axe/Breaching Tool


So I guess this is the next generation firefighter axe, but it looks like pretty bad-ass breaching tool.

“The BADAXX tool has been designed to increase the efficiency of firefighters, law enforcement officers, tactical forces, and first-responders to successfully perform their jobs,” according to

“This innovative tool allows its handlers to rapidly increase the speed at which they can force entry, perform demolition, operate water and gas shut-off valves, and safely rappel from elevated locations.”

With the alarming rate of first-responders being injured or killed due to ever-increasing rapid fire spread, first-responders needed a tool to safely avoid being trapped inside of or on the roof of buildings and homes being consumed by fire, according to the website.

In 2012, Scott McCann, a veteran firefighter of 30 years, started designing his tool and began making wood prototypes in his family garage. The BADAXX was then launched on Kickstarter.

The head on the BADAXX is made of 4150 tool steel. It’s designed to apply maximum impact force to the striking surface while the beveled edges force material away from the blade. The result is an effective method of breaking through material without the blade being pinched or jammed.

The face of the blade provides an effective striking surface when used with a Halligan style bar. The rectangular hole in the head is designed to receive a 2 to 3 inch adz blade of a Halligan style bar. This design allows the handles to marry close together and can easily be grasped with one hand. The BADAXX tool and a Halligan style bar, affectionately known as the “irons”, are the perfect pair for any forcible entry job.

The base of the BADAXX blade has been engineered to create an emergency anchor point for first responders who find themselves trapped above the ground floor of any structure. The anchor point can latch onto, or be driven into, most building materials. A safety rope can easily be attached to the hole provided at the end of the Aerospace-tempered aluminum handle to allow you to rappel to safety.

The 4.5 inch pick can quickly be driven into most materials, providing an immediate extra foot hold during emergency operations.

“We designed our pick to have a consistent width throughout its length. By not having the entire pick tapered like a wedge, we have avoided the wobbly, unstable foot hold most commonly found with the traditional pick head axe. To increase your safety we have added knurling to the top surface of the head to prevent your foot from slipping,” according to

The head and handle are pressed together and pinned with 5 steel spring pins to ensure a lifetime of dependable and durable use.

The BADAXX weighs 8 pounds and retails for $300 with a black handle or $324 with a custom color handle.

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