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Put This Gun in Your Pocket and It Looks Just Like a Cell Phone

LAS VEGAS -- New at SHOT Show: a set of handgun modifications that camouflage the shape of your weapon, and give you an additional magazine's worth of ammo at the same time.

The mods will be available later this year from Las Vegas-based company Full Conceal. Customers can choose either M1, a kit with a magazine holder and short magazine to retrofit your own handgun, or M2, which includes the frame and is available in an 80 percent non-serialized and 100 percent serialized option.

Full Conceal CEO Michael Full said the concept was fueled by a desire to give those carrying weapons for self-defense additional firepower in light of recent mass shootings. The M2 9mm version accepts a 20-round magazine, which fits lengthwise underneath the barrel for ease of concealment.

"I have more firepower in my pocket than what police officers carry on their hip," Full said. "And that can be done for any pistol frame."

The compact oblong shape camouflages the gun in a bearer's pocket, but it also makes other carries easier, Full said. Worn under the shirt in a detective-style carry vest, he said, the design makes it easy to wear the weapon all day.

The M1 kit, including magazine holder and short magazine, retails for $130, while the M2 will cost $250-$350 depending on specifications. The company estimates the first weapons will ship in five to six months.

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