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Sig Sauer Unveils its New P320 X Series at SHOT


LAS VEGAS -- Sig Sauer introduced the new, high-performance X series to its P320 striker-fired pistol line at SHOT Show 2017.

“This is kind of our new baby; this is the Sig Sauer P320 X-Five,” said Max Michel, team captain of the Sig Sauer Shooting Team. “It’s more of our competition model. We have taken a lot of development I have done over the last year or two in competitions, and we have put them into what shooters and competitors want.”

Sig Sauer introduced the modular P320 series at SHOT 2014. The new X-Five features a 5-inch slide and bull barrel, three cutouts on top of the slide and a Dawson fiber optic front sight.

320x-top-ports The rear sight is adjustable and sits on a plate that can be removed for mounting an RMR optic without needing machine work, Michel said.

The X-Five has a more ergonomically-enhanced grip with a slight undercut notch below the trigger guard “so you can get up a little bit higher,” Michel said.

It also features a flared magazine well for fast mag changes and a weighted back strap which helps reduce felt recoil, Michel said.

Sig Sauer has also added a competition-grade flat trigger.

“By having a flat trigger, no matter where you press you are going to get a consistent push straight back,” Michel said.

The P320 X-Five retails for about $1,000 each, which includes four 21-round magazines.


Sig also introduced the P320 X-Carry at SHOT. It's a concealed-carry version with many of the competition features found on the X-Five.

The X-Carry features a single cutout on top of the slide, improved competition grips and the flat trigger. There’s front night sight and fixed rear sight sitting on a removable plate for RMR mounting.

There is no weight in the back strap, no flared mag well and no bull barrel, Michel said.

The X-Carry retails for $862.

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