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Oakley Looks to Expand Prizm Lens Line


LAS VEGAS -- The maker of sunglasses beloved by troops everywhere is planning to release a new lens in its Prizm collection later this year.

Staff with Oakley said here at SHOT Show that the newest lens using the company’s sophisticated light-filtering technology would be a universal lens, unlike most of the line, which tune perception of light and color to emphasize certain ranges.

“The Prizm universal lenses coming through are for daily use where they’re not environment or action-specific,” said Kevin Nottage, product manager for Oakley’s military line. “It’s meant more for the everyday user than it is for a unit on patrol. It’s for you and I versus allowing a soldier to acquire a target faster and more clearly.”

The Prizm lenses focus on the human eye’s three cones, which pick up light and color, said Tatiana Kalache, with research and development at Oakley.

“You have specific peaks and valleys that are in really specific locations for that environment based on how our eyes work,” she said. “We know specifically where we need to put those peaks and valleys. So every lens has a slightly different profile, but these profiles are doing are helping us separate color so we can see more vividly what we need to see for that environment.”

Oakley’s Prizm collection includes lenses designed for shooting, snow environments and maritime use, as well as a sun line tuned for a variety of sport uses.

Nottage said the new lens would be well suited to an urban environment, knocking down sun glare and tuning overall light reception for a more clear and pleasant aesthetic for the everyday user.

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