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Hudson Mfg.'s H9 Pistol Shines at SHOT Show 2017


BOULDER CITY, Nevada -- Every once in a while, a small company shows up at SHOT Show’s range day with a truly unique design.

This year, Hudson Mfg. created a lot excitement with its new H9 pistol, a fresh departure from the world of Glock-style, striker-fired handguns.

It was hard not to like. The 1911-inspired design has a very streamlined feel, similar to the Browning Hi Power.


The 9mm H9 pistol features a 1911-style trigger with an integral safety that moves straight back and “causes the least disruption to your shot process,” said Cy Hudson, CEO of the fledgling company.

It is an extremely smooth trigger.

The most noticeable feature of the H9 is the way the front of frame extends down almost flush with the bottom of the trigger guard to house the recoil spring and locking lug, Hudson said.

“We dropped the slide right on top of the grip, meaning that there are only millimeters between the top of the trigger guard and the slide itself,” Hudson said.

“It means that you can have a high grip purchase -- what most people call a low bore axis -- that’s really close to the slide. Your barrel is right above your grip, and the recoil impulse from that recoil spring is directed into the meat of your hand.

“You can track your front sight through the entire shot process. It’s a very flat-shooting gun.”


The H9 pistol features all-steel construction that weighs around 34 ounces which is comparable to a Sig 229, Hudson said.

There is an accessory rail, but lights will ride low because of the unique design. Hudson maintains that the shooter’s supporting hand should have no trouble activating models with end-cap switches.

Several holster makers, including Raven Concealment, are designing new holsters for H9, Hudson said. For now, it will be chambered for 9mm, but other calibers will likely follow, Hudson said.

“We would like to tell everybody, we are a startup; as soon as you all buy some of these, it will give us the R&D dollars to make more calibers,” Hudson said.

The H9's unique design will cost you though. It will retail this spring for $1,147.


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