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American Tactical Unveils Semi-Automatic MP40 Pistol


BOULDER CITY, Nevada -- This distinctive World War II-era weapon design would no doubt turn heads if you took it to the range.

New from firearms manufacturer American Tactical is the GSG MP40p pistol, an updated take on the German-made submachine gun that saw extensive action during the Second World War. Like the original, the weapon fires 9mm rounds, said James Silvernale, purchasing agent for American Tactical. But the new model is a closed-bolt, semi-automatic system, making it legal to buy and shoot.

It is 24.5 inches long and weighs nearly eight pounds. American Tactical is angling to appeal to collectors, promising that the first 1,100 guns sold will come with a wooden display crate, styled like a 1940s-era ammo case, and stamped with an MP40 logo.

But Silvernale said the gun, which retails for $650, is also enjoyable for shooting recreation.

"It's fun to shoot and, since it's 9mm, it's cheap to shoot," he said.

In terms of shooting, the weapon handles similarly to an AR15 pistol, with similar recoil and control, although he said it keeps its muzzle down better than the AR.

"It's a great centerpiece," Silvernale said. "Mount it on your wall; take it to the range."

He said the company eventually plans to make a version of the gun that includes a foldable stock.

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