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The Top 10 Kit Up Posts of 2016


Here's a look at the 10 most read stories of the year on Kit Up:

1. Congress Wants to Know Why Soldiers, Marines Don't Use the Same Rifle Ammo

The Marine Corps and the Army use different rifle ammo -- and Congress wants to know why. The final version of the defense authorization bill includes a provision requiring the secretary of defense to submit a report to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees explaining why the services are using different types of 5.56mm ammo for their M16A4 and M4 rifles.

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2. Army Drops Smith & Wesson from Pistol Competition

The U.S. Army has dropped Smith & Wesson from its Modular Handgun System competition, according to a Sept. 23 report Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation made to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Smith & Wesson, which was partnered with General Dynamics, was one of five gun makers competing to replace the Army's M9 9mm pistol.

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3. MARSOC Chooses Glock 19s over .45s for Raiders

Marine Corps Special Operations Command has decided to shelve its custom .45 pistols and outfit its elite Raiders with the Glock 19. MARSOC has not yet responded to’s questions for the story, but a source familiar the effort said the command made the decision.

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4. Navy Getting Rid of 'Blueberries' Camouflage Uniform

The Navy's most mocked camouflage uniform will soon be a thing of the past, the service announced. The Navy Working Uniform Type I, blue camouflage utilities commonly referred to as "blueberries," will be replaced everywhere in the service by the forest-green NWU Type III camouflage utilities developed by Naval Special Warfare Command as a tactical uniform.

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5. Army Selects New Compact Sniper Rifle

The U.S. Army has chosen Heckler & Koch to make its new Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System. The March 31 contract award to Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. -- worth up to $44.5 million -- allows the Army to purchase a maximum total of 3,643 Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) units.

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6. Army to Introduce Enhanced M4 Magazine

The U.S. Army TACOM is introducing a new M4 Enhanced Performance Magazine, according to a TACOM Maintenance Information Message. The new magazine will feature a tan body and blue follower and will be engineered to address feeding issues with M855A1 ammunition.

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7. Army and Marines in No Rush to Chamber a Common 5.56mm Round

So it doesn't seem that the Army or the Marine Corps are in any hurry to explain to Congress why they don't use a common 5.56mm round. Lawmakers asked both services to explain the same thing last year, but Marine Corps leaders said they need to do more testing of the Army’s M855A1 enhanced 5.56mm round.

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8. Army Adds 84mm Recoil-less Rifle to Platoon Arsenal

U.S. Army infantry platoons will soon have the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoil-less rifle, a highly effective anti-armor system, as a permanently assigned weapon. Officials completed a conditional materiel release authorization late last year, making the M3 Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System an organic weapon system within each infantry platoon. 

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9. Marines Could Ditch Ammo Cans in Push to Get Lighter

In the Marine Corps’ rush to drop weight, one of the most beloved and storied pieces of gear could be left behind. At the service’s first Equipping the Infantry Challenge here Sept. 27, program managers said they’re looking for a lighter, more practical alternative to the iconic ammunition can.

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10. Beretta Displays New CSASS in 7.62mm

Beretta had its version of a compact semi-automatic sniper rifle on display at Modern Day Marine 2016. The ARX200, chambered for 7.62mm NATO, is the rifle Beretta was designing for the U.S. Army’s Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System competition awhile back.

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