Name That Suppressed Russian Weapon


This photo stumped me at first. It shows Russian soldiers marching in May 2016, but the suppressed weapons they are carrying were not familiar to me.

After a little searching, I was pretty sure they were armed with suppressed SR 3 “Vikhr” sub-machine guns, chambered for the 9x39mm round.

But then I changed my mind; I am almost sure they are carrying the AS VAL, an older, Soviet-designed 9x39mm weapon with an integrated suppressor – I think. The front sight on the end of the suppressor seems to give it away. The AS VAL was the forerunner to the SR3 series of weapons.


I am a bit surprised that troops marching in a high-profile Victory Day parade in Red Square would not be armed with the new AK12, a 5.45x39mm rifle Russia adopted in 2015.

I have heard that the AK12 would only go to elite units, but I wonder if Russia has even started fielding the new modernized AK.

That said the AS VAL still looks pretty slick, but I’m not familiar with the optic mounted on the receiver.


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