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Faxon Firearms Unveils New Flash Hider, Muzzle Brake


Faxon Firearms just introduced its newest Muzzlok muzzle devices for 5.56mm rifles.

The FLAME flash hider virtually eliminates muzzle flash from any barrel length, according to a recent press release.

Three prongs were chosen for maximum strength to ensure the FLAME could handle the abuse of hard duty, no matter the locale. Manufactured from gun-barrel steel, the FLAME is treated in a Salt Bath QPQ Nitride for maximum durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic charm.

“The FLAME is ideal for suppressed shooters with direct-thread cans,” according Faxon Firearms officials. “The FLAME is easily attached, timed, and detached on the range using field tools. It is the ultimate "thread protector.”

There is also the GUNNER 3 Port Muzzle Brake.

Designed by Faxon's own competition staff, the GUNNER 3 Port Muzzle Brake is the ideal blend of usability, versatility, and recoil reduction, according to Faxon officials. The 3 ports work to sequentially capture the propellant gasses and redirect them to the sides for maximum recoil reduction.

The GUNNER reduces recoil by more than 50 percent on barrels of all lengths, Faxon officials maintain.

Faxon's "Muzzlock" muzzle devices allow for easy timing and installation of your device without the need for a crush washer or shims.

By using the extension nut to adjust the length of the device, you can adjust the rotational timing. It is recommended that you tighten the device to the recommended torque specification of 20-25 foot pounds. By not having to overcome the resistance of the crush washer, this allows devices to be removed and reinstalled in the field if desired.

The GUNNER and the FLAME retail for $60 each.


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