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KDG's New SlideLok Modular Optics Mount


Kinetic Development Group LLC has announced that its new, quick-detach Slidelok Modular Optics Mount is now available for sale.

The new KDG Modular Optics Mount is based off the proven Sidelok family of quick detach optic mounts, and features the same user-friendly, toolless design, according to a recent press release.

KDG set out to design a Sidelok mount for all common, tube-style optics that will offer more user-configurable options than what is currently available from competing QD mounts. The Modular Optic Mount currently comes in three configurations, with ring sizes for 1 inch, 30mm and 34mm tubes.

The lightweight aluminum mount uses KDG’s Sidelok cam lock system to attach to all Picatinny rails instantly. With zero tools needed to attach the mount, the user simply rocks their optic onto the chosen mounting space, and down onto the rail. Once pressed down, the Modular Optic Mount self-locks, and the optic can be zeroed in the usual fashion, according to the press release.


Removal is equally fast, and can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves. The front located release button has a smaller, recessed secondary lock, which must be deliberately pressed in and to the rear to facilitate removal.

The Sidelok system makes it virtually impossible to accidentally engage the release, and its cam lock system ensures a secure grasp on various sized (and some out of spec) picatinny rails, according to the release. This equates to a fast, easy means of removing and attaching optics while retaining an absolute return to zero.

The mount is offered with a user removable cantilever bar, in which the rings securely mount. This bar runs parallel to the weapon’s bore, and is ideal for all semi and fully automatic carbines, rifles and DM style firearms.

KDG plans to release a separate 20 MOA bar in the future for those that might require the added elevation for particular optic or application, according to the release.

The Slidelok Modular Optic Mount is now available to order on Kinetic Development Group’s website, and from authorized dealers for $225. All models come with all hardware and instructions needed for immediate assembly, and will fit nearly all popular magnified optics currently on the market.


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