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MasterPiece Arms Unveils Compact Suppressor Ready Rifle

MasterPiece Arms recently introduced the MPA BA Compact Suppressor Ready Rifle.

The MPA BA CSR Rifle achieves sub 1/2 minute of angle accuracy from an ultra-compact platform with a minimal stored footprint and is suppressor ready. It's chambered for either .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor and features a Remington 700 bolt action design.

"Our new MPA BA CSR Rifle packs a lot of punch in a small, lightweight package,” said Phil Cashin, president of MasterPiece Arms in a recent press release.

“It's extremely accurate and suppressor ready. Speaking of suppressor ready... we think our customers are really going to like the buttstock on this rifle. I don't think there's anything else quite like it.”

The specially-designed folding buttstock can store a suppressor up to 1.5 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches in length.

When folded, the rifle can go from measuring up to 48 inches in length with a suppressor attached to an overall length of 27 inches with the suppressor stored in the buttstock and folded/locked.

The MPA CSR Rifle is available in black, burnt bronze, flat dark earth, gunmetal and tungsten in both left and right handed set ups. All chassis and barrels feature a Cerakote finish.

The CSR Rifle retails for $3,000.

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