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Video: The Knife Attack Drill


SureFire has released the latest in their Field Notes series. This one, number three in the series, features none other than former LAPD training guru Scott Reitz of ITTS (International Tactical Training Seminars). In this Field Notes episode, Reitz discusses the  "Knife Attack Drill," which presents multiple moving targets moving rapidly toward the shooter. As Reitz explains, the drill is intended to hone discriminatory target selection, i.e. shoot/don't shoot, in conjunction with a flashlight.

Reitz, who spent 26 of his 30 years with LAPD in the Metro Division (and 10 of those in SWAT) says, "the knife attack drill replicates real world speed, closure rates, visual lag time, and the mechanical application of a pistol in conjunction with artificially induced light."

You can learn more on the International Tactical Training Seminars (ITTS) website here.


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