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Beretta Displays New CSASS in 7.62mm


Beretta had its version of a compact semi-automatic sniper rifle on display at Modern Day Marine 2016.

The ARX200, chambered for 7.62mm NATO, is the rifle Beretta was designing for the U.S. Army’s Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System competition awhile back.

The ARX200 features a more streamlined forend than Beretta’s ARX160 to cater to shooters who use the C-clamp grip when shooting, Beretta officials said.


The new rifle does not feature an ambidextrous ejection port like its ARX160 brother. The ARX200 features a 16-inch barrel and has three gas settings -- normal, adverse and suppressed. It weighs 8.6 pounds unloaded.

Beretta makes a proprietary 20-round magazine for the ARX200, but there is a special magazine-well adapter the can be removed to allow the weapon to accept SR25 magazines.

Beretta is supplying the ARX200 to the Italian army and is still considering whether it will offer commercial version of the weapon.

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