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Hartman MH1 Optic Now Available

Hartman Ltd., recently announced the arrival of the MH1 reflex sight to retailers across the U.S.

“The game-changing features of the patent-pending MH1 sight have been specifically designed to meet and exceed the demands of military, law enforcement and sportsmen around the world,” according to a recent press release.

The MH1, is an advanced tactical red dot sight, featuring multiple “ground-breaking technologies, including: the largest field-of-view on the market, an optional customizable user interface and a USB charging port that allows the user to charge the sight via any mobile device, computer or wall socket (a single CR123 backup battery provides additional extended battery life),” according to the release.

In addition, the sight is motion-activated and will stay in battery saving mode until its dual 30-degree motion sensors detail the firearm is being moved in a shooting position.

The MH1’s rear panel and activation buttons are uniquely angled allowing the user to mount additional optics or night vision gear behind it without impeding access to the controls even when using gloves, the release states.

Optionally, as part of the interface feature users can customize a variety of controls: PTT on or off, sleep mode duration, motion sensors enable/disable, low battery indicators and adjusting brightness levels.

In addition, an optional remote control PTT strap allows the user to activate the sight as well as control brightness while maintaining two-handed control of the firearm, useful when moving from low light to bright light conditions or vice versa, the release states.

The MH1 weighs 12.77 ounces and features an Aluminum base and Polymer cover.

The Hartman MH1 reflex sight is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by CAA. It comes in black, tan and green and retails for $650.


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