Beretta's New Concealed-Carry Gun Coming This Fall


Beretta’s updated version of its PX4 Storm is scheduled to be available for sale this fall.

I’ve received several emails this year since I first wrote about the PX4 Compact Carry at SHOT Show 2016 from readers asking when the new pistol will be ready.

The PX4 Compact Carry was inspired by inspired by firearms trainer Earnest Langdon, a paid consultant for Beretta. Langdon set out to fix what he didn't like on the PX4 Compact, such as over-sized safety levers and the overly slick grip.

Langdon said he purchased the PX4 and began working on it before approaching Beretta on the improvements. After about 4,000 rounds, he approached Beretta with changes that include low-profile safety levers and slide stop to make the gun a slimmer profile for concealed carry.

It has an improved trigger pull, a larger magazine-release button, high-visibility night sights and Talon wrap-around grips for more secure handling. The slide on the new PX4 Compact Carry also features a new, gray Cerakote finish.


Changes to the custom night sights caused delays because they had to be shipped back to Italy for inspection, Langdon said.

Langdon, who served 12 years in the Marine Corps, is a fan of double-action pistols like the Beretta M9. He has won six of his national pistol championships with a Beretta 92.

Beretta hopes to have the PX4 Compact Carry available for sale sometime between September and October, Langdon said.

The new pistol will likely cost about $200 more than the $650 price tag on the standard model, Langdon said.

"You are getting night sights, you are getting grips, you are getting a better trigger, you're getting the safety levers," Langdon said in January at SHOT.

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