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Outland Equipment's Concealed-Carry Fixed Blade


Outland Equipment Inc. has a compact fixed-blade designed for concealed carry.

“Outland’s Kryptos knife was developed in cooperation with America’s Special Operations Forces for optimum concealed carry, swift and natural draw, and reliable retention,” according to Outland’s website.

The handle shape, sheath profile and strap system have been designed for discreet horizontal carry on 1.5-inch tactical belts.

The sheath is ambidextrous for right or left-handed draw and can be positioned anywhere around the belt. The pinky hook locates your hand and gives a secure location for a quick draw, while the heel on the handle gives a solid base for assisted thrusting, Outland officials maintain. The G10 handles are secure even when wet, and the handles have jimping for additional bite.

Kryptos features a full-tang, 3.7-inch CPM 3V blade and measures 7.65 overall. It’s available in both single and double-edged versions. Know your local laws and choose the version that is legal for you to own and carry.

An optional aluminum trainer is available that has blunted edges for safe training. The trainer’s handle geometry and sheath draw match the live knife.

Kryptos is available in a bead or grey blade finish and retails for $245 or $395 with a trainer.


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