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HTC Offers New Battle Belt with Slimmer Design, Less Weight


High Threat Concealment is marketing a new battle belt that it says will provide greater comfort as well as improved cover.

The Low Vis Battle Belt has a slimmer profile than a traditional battle belt, the company said in its announcement, making it less conspicuous for every day carry beneath jackets or other appropriate garments. It also keeps the belt from riding up and down on the waist when you’re moving quickly.

Adam Garrison, Chief Operations Officer of High Threat Concealment, said the new belt “weighs less, rides closer, and packs neater than conventional battle belts.

“We wanted a solution that provides more than simple [every day carry], but doesn't require its own seat in the car," he said.

The belt, developed in collaboration with High Speed Gear, comes in black or Coyote Tan and retails for $105, according to the company website.

In addition to attachable holsters the belt can accommodate a double-handgun magazine, two rifle magazine pouches – AR and AK models available – as well as an individual first aid kit and radio.

The belt can also be worn as a traditional battle belt with the included and optional neoprene micro-grip belt liner, or locked into an under belt as an even slimmer profile quick-attach system that can be worn under a lightweight loose jacket.


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