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Video Surfaces of Firefight in Which Navy SEAL Was Killed


Video is surfacing on social media of the firefight in Iraq in which a Navy SEAL -- Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Charles Keating IV, 31, of San Diego -- was killed.

The website of the British newspaper the Guardian first posted footage of the battle between U.S. special forces, Kurdish commandos and Islamic State fighters near Teleskof.

Matthew VanDyke, whose Sons of Liberty International security firm is training Iraqi Nineveh Plain Forces, also posted video that depicted the heavy fighting near Teleskof (see screen grab above and video below). Meanwhile, another video posted to YouTube seems to show a closer view of the firefight (see second video below).

Keating was fatally wounded in a "dynamic gunfight" with ISIS fighters while coming to the rescue of other Americans who were trapped behind enemy lines in the assault. The U.S. responded with multiple airstrikes from B-52 bombers, F-15 fighter jets and A-10 ground-attack aircraft that killed several dozen enemy fighters.



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