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Reebok Announces New Tactical Boot

Reebok is marketing a military boot that it says fuses athletic and tactical performance and complies with Army Regs for wear with the Army’s operational camouflage pattern uniform.

The Reebok Strikepoint 8- and 6- inch boots come in Coyote Brown and are manufactured under Reebok licensing by Warson Brands of St. Louis, Missouri, which makes a broad range of military, tactical and industrial safety footwear. The Strikepoint was engineered with Reebok’s “U-FORM” technology, which it describes as a heat-activated mid-foot wraps that mold to the wearer’s foot for a custom fit with no break-in period.

How to generate the heat? Not from donning the boots for a quick run. You “bake” them in a standard oven – and then simply put the boots on and remain seated. The U-FORM material molds to your foot.

The company also says the Strikepoint has an anti-friction lining that reduces hot-spots than cause blisters and keeps the feet cool and comfortable. The lining is also embedded with silver nanoparticles hat fight fungus and odors.

A rope-guard feature on the medial side of the rubber outsole helps in rope climbs and also protects the boot in fast-rope descents during aerial deployments, the company says.

The boots retail for $148, according to the company website.

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