Kit Up!

McNett Tactical's Answer to Kit Repairs in the Field


McNett Tactical has a new Field Fix Kit for making essential repairs on your gear.

“With this specialized fix-it kit, you can repair gear, sew clothing or modify existing equipment on-the-fly,” according McNett officials. “The compact kit easily stuffs into packs, pockets or rucks without compromising space or weight.”

I have always made my own fit-it kit, but this might be welcomed by those that aren’t sure how to put one together.

The kit includes: 1.5” Ladder Lock, 10 feet of 550 cord, 2" x 50" Roll of Tan Duct Tape, Two Clear Tenacious Tape Patches (3" x 5"), ¼ oz. Tube Seam Grip. #16 Sewing Needle, #18 Sewing Needle, Five Yards Heavy-Duty Thread, Two #30 Buttons in Coyote Color, Two Safety Pins, Two, 8" Cable Ties, Two, 4" Cable Ties, No-See-Um Patch (4’’ x 6’’) and Three Alcohol Prep Pads.

The kit comes in a Coyote mesh storage bag with a repair manual included. It retails for $20.


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