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TOPS Knives Has a New Jungle Knife


TOPS knives recently introduced its newest bush-craft knife, designed with a jungle theme.

The Brakimo -- pronounced BRAH-key-moe -- is named it in honor of the Matis Indian tribe of the Amazon jungle.

Joe Flowers, who designed the blade, is the owner of Bushcraft Global, a survival school that often leads him into the jungle. Lacking a flagship knife for his company, Joe fashioned the Brakimo to fit that need.

The Brakimo is intended for use as backup to a machete or main camp knife. It has a fairly wide blade profile combined with TOPS’ modified Scandi grind that gives it great cutting and splitting power.

The tip of the 5.25-inch 1095 carbon steel blade narrows dramatically, making it useful for fine work such as drilling holes for bow-drill fires – if you need to go that native. It also features a green canvas Micarta handle.

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