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Italian Company Resurrects Shaving Blade as Tactical Razor

The shaving blade that later became the ubiquitous weapon of street gangs has been resurrected by Italian knife maker Extrema Ratio as a tactical blade.

The T Razor – 0.12 inches thick and 3.9 inches in length – is fashioned from Boehler N690 steel (58HRC). It weighs just over 4.5 ounces and has a handle of anti-corodal anodized aluminum. Fully open, the T Razor is 9.6 inches.

The blade finish comes in satin or with a Military 13924 black oxide coating.

Extrema Ratio’s website shows the satin-finish blade currently retailing online for just over 223 Euros, or about $255 right now. The black oxide razor is priced at 206 Euros or about $236.

Knife News reported in December that Extrema Ratio retails in the U.S. at Blue Ridge Knives of Marion, Virginia.

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