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Alpacka Rafts: Designed to Fit in Your Backpack

Alpacka Rafts make incredibly compact rafts designed for backpack-carry that could take your next trek into the hinterlands to a new level.

Alpacka Raft was started in Chugiak, Alaska, in 2001, to equip ‘the boy who could destroy anything,’ according to Alpacka officials, referring to Thor Tingey, gear thrasher extraordinaire, who was known for demolishing rafts on his long-range brush treks in the Brooks Range, Alaska.

“All of our boats are handmade in Mancos, Colorado by a small team of local craftsmen and women. Although the idea remains simple, we have been developing our techniques, materials, and designs for over 15 years to create the lightest, most durable and effective packrafts in the world.”

Alpacka’s rafts range from whitewater models to ultralight rafts designed for calmer surfaces.


The Scout packraft weighs 3 pounds, 9 ounces and is designed for long-distance trekking, mellow river crossings, canyoneering, spelunking, lake fishing, and lightweight travel. It retails between $545.00–$620.00.

“The Scout is designed for you if you need a tough, light, simple, and reliable boat but don’t need the whitewater performance and expeditionary features of our main-line boats,” Alpacka officials say.

“Our vision: to create fun, tough boats that can be used by anyone, require minimal maintenance, and fit in the bottom of a pack.”


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