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Propper Reintroduces the M-65 Field Jacket


The US military began issuing the M-1965 Field Jacket, more commonly known simply as the M-65, in 1965 (hence the name). Back then it was the Coat, Field, M-65. Originally built just in olive drab (the Army's OG-107) and one of the first garments to be manufactured in NYCO, the M-65 went on to be seen in a wide variety of camouflage patterns -- woodland, "chocolate chip" and 3-color desert/DCU not the least.

M65-Propper-Field-Coat-2 M65-Propper-Field-Coat-1

It  became the iconic snivel kit of the Vietnam War, often seen with the venerable poncho, and soon spread to the civilian world and pop culture. De Niro's Travis Bickle spent much of Taxi Driver in one, for instance, and Bob Dylan wore an M-65 as well.


NSN 8415-00-782-2939 may no longer work, but there are some modern options for those of you feeling nostalgic. As the website BreachBangClear recently reminded us, one of those is the recent release from Propper, founded by William Propper two years after the M-65 was released.

Their description does not do much to evoke memories of standing in formation with your breath steaming in the air awaiting a formation run but it gets the point across.

Once top-of-the-line military outwear has become an icon in the Propper M65 Field Coat. Classic features such as shoulder epaulets, packable hood, and built-in liner all reinforce the functional styling. The removable quilted liner provides an extra layer of warmth when needed. Perfectly suited as a field coat in the elements or around town.
The Propper M-65 is currently available in woodland camo (of course), olive drab (obviously) and black. Sizes run from small up to triple XL. It retails for $89.99. Hat tip to the Mad Duo.

Now we just need them to re-release the M-1951 ... or maybe go further back and do the M-43?


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