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Will Petty VCQB Video Now Available


A new instructional video from Will Petty and 88 Tactical is now available for streaming on Vimeo. Though it has been described as having a "documentary-like" feel, the video shows Petty taking students through a number of positional drills in and around vehicles. Perhaps more importantly, it shows a series of de facto ballistic tests wherein a number of different rifle and handgun calibers are fired at different locations on the vehicle.

The results are surprising, particularly to those armed professionals who were raised on the "get away from your vehicle" mantra when dealing with an ambush situation. If the results seen in the video are consistent with what we'd see in other vehicles, then much of conventional wisdom (what 88 Tactical calls "range lore") may be in dispute. The idea that only an engine block or wheel axle will provide cover is clearly not always true, as can be seen in the video when assorted rifle rounds (.308, 7.62, 5.56 and even a 12 ga. slug) fail to perform as expected not just against the motor, but against windshield glass and door pillars.


This isn't to say every part of vehicle will stop a bullet, but if the video is believe then clearly there are some areas of relative safety in which someone can function more effectively and perhaps prevail in a close quarters fight around a car or truck. For instance, addressing the curve and rake of a windshield, Petty says this:

"Understand that when shooting across the rake of a windshield, the round may skip or deflect, providing your target with temporary cover. Depending on your role in the gunfight that can be a good or bad thing. In this case, after multiple rounds, the target stayed clean. Don't just make brass. Get out there and learn. Use science. Test for yourself."

Here's the trailer to the video.

The video is online here. As you can imagine, its contents are contentious and have stirred up a number of arguments in forums and on social media, though it has also apparently led to a number of contracts teaching LE and military SOF units. 88 Tactical advises they are well aware of how many will react to the proposition that windshields and vehicles posts might act as cover. They therefor invite agency or unit trainers interested in discussing the matter or previewing the video should contact them here and reference or link this article.

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All images courtesy of Firelance Media, 88 Tactical and Will Petty.

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