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Pak-Rat Secures Your Rifle Sling to Your Pack


Copper Basin, LLC has a new backpack accessory for securing your rifle sling to your backpack strap.

The Pak-Rat Quick-Clip is a stand-alone, universal accessory which works with nearly every sling or strap, according to a recent press release.

It holds rifles, shotguns, decoy bags, duffel bags, canteens and binoculars on the shoulder – no more slipping.

“With the Pak-Rat Quick-Clip Pack accessory, the sling will stay attached to the shoulder when the arm is outside of the sling,” according to the press release. “When the rifle or other item is needed, it can be quickly and quietly released with a simple pull on the Pak-Rat.”

The Pak-Rat can be attached to a backpack’s shoulder strap and webbing up to three inches wide via the clip’s hook-and-loop structure.

It retails for about $20.


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