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Cold Steel's Take on WWI Trench Spike


I really like how Cold Steel reinvents a lot of historical weapon designs like its recent take on a World War I trench knife – the one with the wicked, three-edged, spike blade.


“The Cold Steel Chaos Stiletto takes design inspiration from antique stiletto blades and WWI Trench Knives and combines it with their latest ideas for modern tactical edged weapons,” Cold Steel officials maintain.

The Chaos Stiletto features an 8.25-inch, drop forged SK-5 high carbon steel blade. The isosceles triangular cross section has deeply hollow ground fullers, creating three sharp edges and a slightly curved tip that terminates in a needle sharp point, according to Cold Steel officials.

The Chaos series handle – made of 6061 aluminum – features a distinctive D-Ring guard to protect the wielder’s fingers and provide a securely "locked-in" grip. It doubles as a face-smashing knuckle duster.

A dense angular carbon steel "skull crusher" pommel focuses percussive blows, Cold Steel officials maintain.

The Chaos Stiletto is on sale at for $59.95 and comes with a durable, Secure-Ex sheath.


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